Learning the Tafseer is extremely important Without Tafseer As once you don’t do know the meaning of the words.

As we all know Quran Kareem was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). And the Holy Quran tells us the entire way of life which is suggested by Allah. Allah how created this universe, only he’s the master of the entire universe.

That’s why we should only follow the way Allah himself recommended to us. But the question is: what is the recommended way, what he wants from us, how do we know? And the answer is Learn Tafsir ul Quran

What we teach
We will teach student details of all Ayaats with regard to other Ayaats and Hadith. Quran Kareem is that the last Holy book out of 4 . Quran Kareem isn’t like other holy books, Torah, Zabur, and Bible. Other holy books were revealed at once but the Quran was revealed in parts, so people can understand it in a better way. But Ayaats in Quran Kareem is interlinked with each other. That’s why you would like an Alim to show you Tafseer ul Quran.

So if you have the desire to learn Tafsir ul Quran we recommend you first learn to recite the Quran. If you’re getting to learn Tafsir ul Quran then it’s not required that you simply also learn Quran Translation or memorize Quran Kareem before you begin this program

But if you have learned translation or memorization of the Holy Quran that good. Same for hadith if you have learned some hadith’s its good but if not that’s no problem you can still learn Tafsir ul Quran.