Quran Translation

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Holy Quran is that the divine book and therefore the book of God. Holy Quran has been revealed on our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Quran is that the only divine book about which God has declared Himself to be its custodian. Thus, the Quran is the best of all divine books. That is the reason that the Quran has been sealed in the same form as revealed by God and it will always be.

Quran has been sent by God for the guidance of the universe and it’s a source of guidance. Thus, it is said in the Quran, there is guidance for people in the Quran. Quran has been revealed in the Arabic language. Quran is for the guidance of everyone whether Arabs or non-Arabs. It is as necessary for non-Arabs to know the Quran as for Arab people.

It is important for all Muslims to know what God tells us in the Quran. What are the teachings of Islam? If we don’t understand the true meaning of the Quran, how can we act according to the teachings and orders of our God? Thus, it’s become vital for non-Arabs to know the Quran in their own languages.

For Arabs to know the true meaning of Quran’s teachings, it’s also important to read Quran with the assistance of some capable teacher because there are several words used in Quran which cannot be understood fully by knowing their literal meanings only such as Salaat, Zakat, and Hajj, etc. Therefore, Arabs are also required to learn ‘Tafseer’ as well as ‘translation’ so as to grasp the real meaning and teachings of our God in the Qur’an.

Keeping in view the consideration of preaching the word of God to all the people around the world, this course of Qur’an with translation has been designed to cater to all Muslims. In this course, the Quran will be taught with translation as well as ‘Tafseer’. If God’s wills, it will be more convenient for everyone taking this course to understand Qur’an and the orders stated in Quran.