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The best among you is a person who learns the Quran and then teaches it. (Tirmidhi –


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We are the simplest and reliable source during this online Quran School from where people can ready to Learn Quran for Adults and kids ready to practice more under confidential plus qualified teachers. If you’ve got any questions regarding the way to Learn Quran Online? Then feel free to contact us

Islamic Info

Who has created us?

  Answer: Allah SWT has created us

Who has created the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars?

The earth, the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars have all been created by Allah.

Who do we worship?

 We worship Allah.

Who listens to and sees everything?

Allah ! listens to and sees everything.

Can anything be hidden from Allah?

No! Nothing can be hidden from Allah. He knows everything.

What is the blessed name of our Beloved Prophet?

The blessed name of our Beloved Prophet is Muhammad 

In which city did the blessed birth of our Beloved Prophet take place?

 The blessed birth of our Beloved Prophet took place in Makka-tul-Mukarramaĥ, a famous city of Arabia

What is the date and month of the birth of our Beloved Prophet?

The blessed birth of our Beloved Prophet took place on 12th Rabī’-ul-Awwal

On which day was our Beloved Prophet born?

Our Beloved Prophet was born on a Monday.

What is the name of the father of our Beloved Prophet?

The name of the father of our Beloved Prophet is Sayyidunā ‘Abdullāĥ

What is the name of the mother of our Beloved Prophet?

The name of the mother of our Beloved Prophet is Sayyidatunā Āminaĥ

Where is the blessed tomb of our Beloved Prophet situated?

 The blessed tomb of our Beloved Prophet is situated in Madīna-tul-Munawwaraĥ

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Read the Quran because it will come on the Day of Judgement to defend whoever
is its companion.

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Allah is kind and loves kindness. (Muslim)

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Gaining knowledge is compulsory on every Muslim. (Ibn Majah – saheeh)

About Us

Online Holy Quran School started functioning in 2017 as an online Quran School organization for teaching the Quran. It is the leading learn Quran Online Islamic center for those that are involved within the Quran and holy education. We offer Quran learning service within the sort of distance courses. We have an extensive syllabus for Islamic studies too. Online Quran Academy Our unique online learning tools help in teaching every class. Our education method is a combination of both conventional and modern techniques. We are innovative, so we show online and offer you the best learning practice. We offer to find out the Quran online the teaching services to The scholars residing within the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. under the supervision of profoundly qualified and capable teachers.

How To Read the Holly Quran with tajweed for Busy People?

Arabic words, Harakat (vowels) and Tajweed Rules (Qawaid) are prepared during a creative thanks to reducing education time for busy people. Also, deep concepts are simplified using logical techniques. Do you wish to realize the whole above advantages and rewards? We are one of the simplest Online Quran Academy service provider. Our online Quran teachers available in multiple languages on a 24/7 basis for Holy Quran reading and reciting to you and your kids. If you would like to find out to read the Holy Book otherwise you are seeking a fine Online Qari for your children, join us for 3 days trial!


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Daily Hadees


Whoever cheats us (Muslims) is not one of us.


The key to Paradise is salaah


Miswaak cleans the mouth and makes Allah happy


Allah is kind and loves kindness

Gaining knowledge

Gaining knowledge is compulsory on every Muslim


Insulting a Muslim is very bad


The best of you are those who have the best manners.

Online Quran School

Learning Online Quran is a frugal, skimping, secured, effortless and conductive way of using modern technology for the betterment of mankind. The main purpose of designing this program is to facilitate the Muslim community UK, USA, Australia of these countries where hiring Online Quran Tutor isn’t convenient or accessible.

Our Online Quran School is providing safe and secure methods for Quran Teaching. Our Quran School has an easy procedure of registration for Quran classes. There is no need for lengthy procedures of registration to start out Quran classes with us in our Quran Academy and therefore the students can start their Online Quran Classes from the very same day. we are providing one by one class using Skype.

Online Quran School is providing both male and feminine highly qualified Quran Tutor who will assist you in reading and understanding the Quran just by sitting at your home without any trouble of traveling. Online Quran Arabic Classes are the most convenient way due to easy access to the internet and time-saving. Our Online Quran classes are specially designed for people living in the whole country.

Our Vision

Online Quran School is specially developed as a world Quran reading online School, which agenda is to deliver the simplest guidance of reading the Quran with the right Quran rules. Online Quran School Institute of the Quran reading online will provide you with different courses and levels to all or any of the Muslims living within the world. We don’t have any restrictions aged or gender; our purpose is to spread the real learning Quran reading facilities to our people that still can’t find a home-based permanent tutor for themselves. So, with the assistance of our English Quran reading capabilities, people can learn and understand the knowledge of the Quran which Allah sent to us for our benefits.
Some of the most purposes behind our online Quran School are given below:
This is the right platform for free of charge Quran education to those people that can’t find any possible facility of learning and practice Quran recitation in their areas.
Our professional and high qualified teachers will teach you the right and proper voicing of the Holy Quran recitation.
We use some unique and easiest practical methods to form the training recitation of the Holy Quran easier for people.

Our Mission

Online Quran learning School knows the importance of the Holy Quran, and that we also skill important it’s for Muslims to find out and practices the Quran with the assistance of our learning Quran online.

We offer the system of Skype Quran Classes.

We even have a separate Online Quran Classes for teenagers in order that they will learn faster within a convenient environment.
With our online platform, people are going to be ready to Learn Quran Word By Word.
We made Online Quran Learning easier and simpler for the people within the world.
We offer people to offer their best during a manner to find out to Read Quran with proper tajwid methods.
However, Online Quran School also gives you the possibility to use our platform, especially to Learn Quran for Kids.


Female Quran Teacher For Female Students

It is hard to find the Best female Quran Teacher for female students to Teaching Quran Academy them at home. We have solved this problem for females who are reluctant to find out from male teachers. We have a female Teacher who will teach female students. Those female Teachers are equally qualified and that they are Hafiza too.


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School Hours: 7/24 Houres

Shaukat Ali Wattoo

chief executive

Special Message From chief executive of the Online Quran School

The Live Quran Recitation is the leading Online Islamic Academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses. We have developed an extensive curriculum for
learning Quran and basic islamic education. Our distance courses utilize unique online learning tools, and combine both ancient and modern methods of teaching. Study Islam online through our innovative online Islamic classes and experience it for yourself.

Benefits of Online Quran Reading.
It is true that you should seek knowledge even if you have to go to UK, as this was said in the old days; where there were no airplanes and UK was considered to be very far away. Fortunately, today the students are very lucky because they have the opportunity to learn almost any subject with out even going away from their home because of wide availability of online Quran teachers.

First of all there are many countries in the world, where there is a shortage of well equipped teachers who can teach Quran properly to students with all its rules, in a true sense. Hence a good online tutor would not be less than any big blessing for the people of these areas especially. Secondly, people are living in different parts of the world and they speak different languages. Therefore, with the presence of an online Quran tutor theses people would be able to learn Quran easily in the language that is more convenient and understandable for them.

Thirdly, people especially women who may have any kind of problem in going out, can now easily learn Quran with the help of an online tutor within the boundaries of their homes. Flexibility of time for studying is also a very big benefit of online tutor. As people can commit to that online tutor who is available on that time of the day that is most feasible for them. On line Quran tutors are available in almost all parts of the world for 24 hours 7 days a week. People from different cultures and regions can interact with the tutor at the same time, so an on line tutor can arrange also discussions on different topics.

This activity would be useful for all students and even for the tutor itself, as it would give exposure and increase understanding of Quran. With the help of an online tutor, people can get exposure to wide variety of authentic information with the help of different online Quran tutors especially from an understanding point of view.

Online Quran tutors help students to learn at their on pace. The student speed of learning depends on student itself. If he/she is slow than over all the speed is slow and vice versa. A major advantage of Online Quran tutor is that it is student centered teaching. Over all the teaching is customized for each student in order to match with each student’s specific circumstances. Learning Quran from an online tutor is commonly economical than traditional way, because mostly there is no registration and admission fee for online tuition.

There is no age limit for learning Quran online , and there is no discrimination of gender also. Time saving is also a major advantage of an online tutor as people could save time because they are in their homes while they learn Quran, and it eliminates their wastage of time that they use to spend on driving and traveling for reaching at particular place to attend class. Over this entire new concept is more interesting and attractive especially for kids. It mostly bounds both the student and teacher to be careful and be punctual more about the time as compare to traditional way of teaching