Kids Tarbiyah

Tarbiyah in Islam is extremely important, for indeed, all of the Deen is predicated upon tarbiyah (i.e., the education and upbringing of the people). This starts first of all with the knowledge and training of our own selves, then of our families, then of the community at large. But this tarbiyah is most vital concerning our youngsters in order that they’re mentioned upon the right path of Islam. due to this, many of the student’s lookout in discussing this aspect of tarbiyah more so than the others.

After the advantage of al-Islam and our very creation, from the simplest of advantages is that of getting children. We see their benefits both during this world and after we’ve passed to subsequent. As for the advantages during this world – when an individual becomes old and unable to earn a livelihood, all of his friends and companions leave him alone, and it’s his children who take care of and look after him, bearing his problems and burdens. After his death, then individual benefits from his children because the Prophet said: “When the son of Adam passes away, all of his deeds are stopped apart from three. Some quite charity that’s continuous, or knowledge which the people are taking advantage of, or a righteous child who is praying for him.”

Also, from the advantages of getting children is that if they were to pass on whilst still children, they might intercede for his or her parents. this is often authentically reported from the Prophet, who said: “There is not any Muslim individual, male or female, who has three of his children pass on whilst they’re young and he’s patient thereupon, except that they’re going to come and intercede for him on the Day of Judgment.” So ‘Umar asked, ‘What about two [children]?’ Upon this, the Prophet said, “It is that an equivalent for two [children].” (Al-Bazzaar, al-Haakim. Sh. al-Albaanee mentions it in his book, Kitaabul-Janaa-iz)

As for the one that has one child who passes away and he’s patient with this, seeking his reward from Allah, then he shall also find an excellent reward with Him. As during a hadeeth wherein, it’s reported that the Prophet wont to sit down in his sitting place, and his companions would sit ahead of him to hunt benefit and learn from him. From amongst them was a person who had a little boy; he wont to come to the Prophet from behind his back by way of respect, then he wont to sit ahead of him and sit his son ahead of the Prophet. The Prophet asked, “Do you’re keen on this child of yours?” the person replied, “Yes, and should Allah cause you to like him also.” Then it happened that this child gave up the ghost, and therefore the man was so sad that he wont to refrain from coming to take a seat with the Prophet. therefore the Prophet asked his companions about this man saying, “Why is it that he not involves my sitting place?” And this was from the Sunnah of the Prophet, that if he had people that would come to him then stop coming, he would ask about their condition and their affairs. therefore the companions told him that the man’s son had given up the ghost which he was sad due to that. therefore the Prophet visited meet this man and asked him, “What went on to your son?” and therefore the man told him that he had given up the ghost. therefore the Prophet said, “Do you’d like that your son could be here with you spending time with you, or do i prefer that your son would reach Paradise before you, waiting at the Doors of Paradise to open them for you?” therefore the man said, “O Messenger of Allah. I wish that my son would go forth before me and precede me to Paradise.” therefore the Prophet said to him, “Verily, this is often for you.” So upon this, one among the companions said, “O Messenger of Allah, may I be sacrificed for your sake! is that this (reward) just for this man, or is it for all of the people?” He said, “No, this reward is for all of the people (i.e., people who lose a toddler and are patient with their loss).” (Al-Haakim. Adh-Dhahabee declared it Saheeh, as did Sh. Al-Albaanee)

Also, from the advantages of getting children is that if one has daughters and is patient with them, bringing them up correctly, then for him, maybe a great reward from Allah. Our mother, Aa’ishah, said, “A woman with two daughters and who was very poor came to my door requesting charity. All I had was three dates, so I gave them to the present woman and her two daughters. the lady gave a date to every one of her daughters and kept the third date for herself. But when the 2 daughters had finished their dates, they both searched for their mother wanting the date which she had. So she felt mercy for her two daughters and split the info into two halves. She gave half to every one of her daughters, then she went away. When the Prophet came back, I informed him about what had happened. He said, ‘Anyone who has daughters and is sweet in bringing them up, then they’re going to be as a barrier between him and therefore the Hell-Fire.’” (Bukhari & Muslim)
It is obligatory for the oldsters to require care of their children because the responsibility for them is upon their shoulders. because the Prophet said, “All of you’re shepherds and can are liable for his flock.” Unfortunately, many of the people look down upon this affair of mentioning the youngsters correctly and consider it as a little matter and unimportant, rather than busying themselves which affairs like politics and people things which it’s going to be beyond their ability to succeed in. they appear to those things which are seen as more important then look down upon the affair of raising their children correctly. In this, they’re mistaken, as whomever the Imam or the leader of the believers may be, albeit he was the foremost righteous of all righteous people and therefore the most just of all rulers if an individual doesn’t look out of their own affairs then no-one else goes to return into their house and appearance after their children for them. And if this Imam was the worst of all the people, yet an individual was to require care of their circle of relatives as is his responsibility, then how is his harm and his condition getting to affect that person? Allah says,