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Muhammad (PBUH): The Prophet of Islam
According to Quran, Sadaqa leads into the purification of the benefactor Learn Quran For Kids with us because our online Quran Academy provides you all Quranic courses like learning Quran online with tajweed, Learn Quran Online with Translation, basic Quran courses, Islamic courses, learn Quran with Roshni Quran Academy. Quran says that sadaqa should not necessarily be in a material form and can be a “voluntary effort”, or a kind word.

This is in agreement with a narration attributed to Muhammad which says “every good deed may be a sort of Sadiq.”Kind words and “compassion” are better than sadaqa amid “insult”, from the viewpoint of the Quran, and it is better for the donations to be offered “discreetly” to those in need rather than doing it in public in order to be acknowledged by them. There are some things that Allah has created that we will no see or hear but we believe.